will van dyke

Smaller Fun Shot

composer | lyricist | music director

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Samantha (Sam) Walker and Denny Clark are best friends and small town kids, just getting through their days working in a diner in Eastern Wyoming.  They've got each other, but they're both ready to bust out, terrified of wasting one more day going nowhere.  As they inch their way East, from small town to big city, they leave a string of broken hearts behind - but the question is, will the last two hearts to be broken be theirs?  Seven Broken Hearts is a brand-new three-person pop-driven musical about the wending ways of love and friendship,  and how staying true to yourself is so hard when you're not quite sure who you are yet.

The Girl Who Ran Away



Song List
'Til The Sun Goes Down
Small Town Kid
Things Are Breaking, Part 1
The Snowman
Things Are Breaking, Part 2
Not You
Two Hundred Miles
The Quiet Place
A Different Man
Thing Are Breaking, Part 3
The Girl Who Ran Away
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by Will Van Dyke & Jeff Talbott

Music & Lyrics by Will Van Dyke
Lyrics by Jeff Talbott

Drawings: Jeff Talbott
Video Editor/Motion Graphics: Christopher Gerson

Vocals/Keyboards/Ukelele: Will Van Dyke
Guitar: Alec Berlin
Bass: Steve Gilewski
Drums: Mason Ingram

Engineered & Mixed by Derik Lee
Mastered by Dan Rudin

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featured music

Chasing The Day

Over The Falls

Can't Stay Here


"Chasing The Day" from CHASING THE DAY


"Over The Falls" from IMAGINE HARRY


"Can't Stay Here" from CONSTANT

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