Written with Jeff Talbott and featured as a part of the 2015 NAMT Festival of New Musicals, "Imagine Harry" is a story about recognizing that your real life is better than anything you could ever imagine; you just have to look. When Tucker was 8, his best friend, Harry, was imaginary. Now, Tucker’s all grown up, and he’s not making much of a mark on the world; he lives at home and works as a waiter. And Harry? Well, he’s left the imaginary friend business and is living as a mortal, a married guy with a kid on the way. But Tucker isn’t dealing with the fact that his father has Alzheimer’s and it’s time for Tucker to step up and be a son. And Harry is having a hard time committing to his very ordinary life; in fact, it turns out that if he doesn’t fully engage with this life he chose, he will literally fade away, one limb at a time. So Tucker and Harry have to find a way to help each other before it’s too late. "Imagine Harry" is a musical for grown-ups about the very tricky business of growing up.

Really Awesome Life

One Step At A Time


Over The Falls




Song List
Let's Go
Really Awesome Life
Life Is A House
The Card Game
Little, Little Lies
This Is How We Say Goodbye
One Step At A Time
If Harry's Your Friend
Am Not, Cannot
Anything/Wait And See
Ordinary Guy
Show Yourself
Maybe The Moon
Over The Falls
The Promise
Time For Today
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