Rhinebeck Writers Retreat

Will is thrilled to be a part of the 2017 Rhinebeck Writers Retreat.  His show with Jeff Talbott, Seven Broken Hearts, will be one of the nine shows developed at the retreat this summer.  Seven Broken Hearts is a little musical about the big things:  learning to love and finding a place in a world that’s working overtime to keep anything from happening.  Samantha (Sam) Walker and Dennis (Denny) Clark are best friends – two kids making their way through the endless boring days of their small-town life in Wyoming.  They’re both seeing guys they aren’t sure about, so they make the leap and leave. As their adventures take them through some hard-won growing-up years, with relationships going down like the Titanic, their friendship hits the iceberg, too.  They eventually land, separately, in New York City, slightly less lost, but also slightly less hopeful.  They’re inching forward, but the question is:  can they really figure any of it out?  Only time will tell.

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