Broadway For Self Help Africa

Will will serve as the Music Director for "Broadway For Self Help Africa" on Monday, March 3rd at 7:30PM.  Click here for tickets!

On March 3rd, Broadway for Self Help Africa will bring together some of Broadway’s biggest stars for a night of song and celebration benefiting Self Help Africa Inc.

"Lost In The Stars" with Annaleigh Ashford

Will serves as Music Director and Arranger for Annaliegh Ashford's new cabaret "Lost In The Stars" at 54 Below!

Another Time (Andrew's Song)

Will releases ANOTHER TIME (ANDREW'S SONG) on iTunes, featuring Tony Award nominee Annaleigh Ashford.

Writing Kevin Taylor Is Here!

The "Writing Keving Taylor" album has arrived!

Wife leaves Writer.  Writer hires Boy.  Boy pretends to be Writer's estranged son to help win back Wife.  Things get interesting.  That's the basic premise of Writing Kevin Taylor, a three-person musical comedy about the unlikely friendships and unexpected moments that bring us together.  It's a show about how much you can get out of life, when you let someone in.

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another time

Female/male versions availble.

male version


female version


Chasing the Day The Music of Will Van Dyke

chasing the day CD

Click here to buy in iTunes.

Writing Kevin Taylor 2013 Concept Recording

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