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"The Circle and The Wheel" is a new musical in development with Jeff Talbott. What happens to a group of friends when one of the couples in their tight little circle breaks up? Usually, the headline story is the breakup; "The Circle and the Wheel" is about ripple effect on everybody else. The musical charts a group of friends as they learn of the breakup, and watch each relationship be tested and tried as we learn of their history both as couples and as friends. They all ache to return to college, when they all would meet in The Circle (a gathering place in the student union) and laugh at the world. It all seemed so simple then. But were they any happier? They may think they were, but really, all they were was younger. They are the same confused people now, just with bills and responsibilities. And though it is easy to regret where you’ve ended up, maybe the trick to a strategy for a successful adult relationship is acknowledging its imperfections -- if you finally stop wishing for it to be less messy, you might just find out the mess is the best part. By the end of the musical, one relationship seems to be solidly on the right path, and another one may be starting; but everybody is grappling with accepting the mess and loving all the imperfections. Every. Single. One.

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